How to Overcome Business Procrastination

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Assess your business, identifying what’s working and what’s not.
Pinpoint the sabotaging blocks that are currently limiting your progress.


Develop an action plan that highlights the most impactful actions to help you achieve your desired outcomes.


If both of us feel aligned and I believe we can help accelerate your growth, we’ll discuss the next steps together.

Take a look at the calendar below, choose a time that works for you, and we’re excited to connect with you soon.

Master your productivity without burning out

As Peter Drucker said, “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” But you can’t be efficient and effective if you’re holding yourself back without understanding why or how to stop it.

Here’s what the process looks like

Phase 1:


Most recognize they have self-limiting patterns they want to change but don’t know how to get past them. Studies show that 90-95% of our reality is controlled by our subconscious, which is why this work focuses on predominantly working with the subconscious mind. This stage will identify what shifts are most critical for you and outline exactly what has been blocking you from making the changes you want to see.

Phase 2:

Unlearning + Processing

After identifying the self-limiting thoughts, deeply buried beliefs, and unprocessed emotions that are placing barriers between you and the changes you want to make, we begin to remove and process them. After just a couple of calls, clients report they are already starting to feel lighter, more confident, and more in control of their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Phase 3:


Growth and permanent change happen as soon as week 2 and continue through the remainder of the program as identified challenges are worked through. Internal shifts translate to massive external shifts. Clients start to experience ease with starting their most important work, faster execution, and a healthier balance between work and life.

It will feel like you’re hitting the gas and getting a fresh wave of AC, after being stuck in an overheated car for so long.

You know you’re capable of so much more

It’s FRUSTRATING when great ideas and important tasks don’t see progress, and deadlines become a struggle.

I know you have a lot on your plate already, but here’s the truth – the reason for overwhelm isn’t your work, family, or to-do list.
It’s your brain.

When you don’t know how to say no.
When you take on things you don’t want to do out of guilt and obligation.
When you’re constantly worried about your own worth and what other people think of you…
What happens? You feel exhausted and overwhelmed, all the time. You procrastinate, spend longer than you need to on perfecting things, and avoid uncomfortable conversations.

Free to Create is the answer to that problem. When you manage your mind you will always feel like you have plenty of time to do everything you want to do. And bonus, all of that time you are currently wasting on social media you can now spend more present at home or in the deep work that will move the needle forward.

Get your energy and time back

I’ll be there, ginger tea in hand, ready to help you make a dent in your creative projects.

Chances are, you’re doing TOO MUCH, and it’s time to scale back and focus on the little things that make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Let’s simplify and make this process efficient and effective.

Hear what it's like after just a couple of calls and imagine the positive changes that could happen for you too


Writer and Director

“I was really proud of myself. I showed up and for the first time I don’t feel overwhelmed with the feeling of, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’, or ‘I don’t belong here.’ I’m having a good time and I feel very relaxed and confident.”


CFO and CMO of a Events Business

“In working with Grace, I’m able to use my time a lot better. I’m more efficient and clear on what I’m trying to get done in any given workday or moment. My experience in this program was very uplifting.”


CEO of Web Development and Marketing Agency

“If you feel like you’ve got all the pieces in place, but you’re just not executing and you’re not getting the results you want because you are the bottleneck, work with Grace. With Grace, you are really investing in yourself.”

This work has helped


Avoidance to Action is a more affordable option that combines self-paced learning with group calls and excludes 1-1 sessions. Free to Create has higher support and specifically addresses the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs, such as fear of releasing control and self-accountability.

Absolutely. This program combines 1-1 coaching with a group mastermind component. The power of shared experiences in overcoming shame and guilt associated with procrastination, coupled with the motivation and support of like-minded entrepreneurs, accelerates your progress. The 1-1 calls allow for deeper exploration and customization of the program to suit your specific needs.

Free to Create only requires 1 hour per week. Over time, this program will give you back significantly more time, making it an investment that pays off for decades.

I hold discovery calls to help carefully identify who is an exceptional fit and who is likely not. That being said, we have a 2-month love-it-or-leave-it policy. If you find that Free to Create isn’t working for you during that time, you can keep the program materials and the knowledge gained from coaching calls, and we will part ways.

Regardless of whether you sell services or products, online or in person, the underlying reasons for avoiding tasks in your business are the same. As an entrepreneur, you face additional fears and challenges compared to someone working a 9-5 job. This program has helped entrepreneurs from various industries overcome avoidance patterns. Whether it’s avoiding financial analysis, tackling difficult emails, releasing work to the public, or starting ambiguous projects, your daily execution will significantly improve with this program.

Many of my clients come to me feeling like they’ve exhausted all options. The difference lies in the fact that coaching focuses on action and moving forward, while therapy may provide awareness but not necessarily the guidance to progress. Time management techniques alone are ineffective without addressing the management of your mind and emotions, which is a core aspect of this program. The good news is the previous work is not a waste, rather it’s likely prepped you to see faster results.

Group calls take place twice a month on Tuesdays at 11 am EST. Replays are provided afterward.

I have worked with clients who have ADHD/ADD as well as those who don’t, allowing me to provide tailored recommendations for each group. The program includes a dedicated module with procrastination strategies specifically designed for individuals with ADHD, developed with the assistance of ADHD strategists. Ultimately, the core solution still revolves around learning how to manage your mind and emotions, and accessing tools that facilitate getting started.

This program is offered on an ongoing basis, with enrollment windows that open periodically. While there will be future opportunities to join, starting sooner allows you to save time and begin experiencing the return on your investment. There is rarely a “perfect” time to join, so why wait?

In the program, you’ll achieve:

Personal and Professional Goals: Make progress toward your personal and professional goals, whether it’s pursuing side hobbies, increasing business revenue, or sustaining growth.

Fewer Fears and More Accountability: Watch your self-doubt decrease and hold yourself accountable for your actions and results.

Productivity, Discipline, and Self-Confidence: Increase productivity, discipline, and self-confidence in your work, enabling you to achieve more and believe in your abilities.

Focus on Important Tasks: Prioritize and focus on the most important tasks each day, reducing overwhelm and stress caused by a buildup of responsibilities.

Stress Reduction and Work/Life Balance: Decrease stress levels and achieve a better work/life balance, allowing you to enjoy your personal life while performing well in your career.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage: Stop behaviors such as perfectionism and people-pleasing and unlock your version of success.

Time Management: Manage your time better, gain control over your schedule, and stay on top of your tasks and deadlines.

Mental Habits and Mindset Improvement: Build better mental habits, overcome self-doubt, and improve your mindset to support your personal and professional growth.

Meeting Deadlines and Resistance-Free Action: Improve your ability to meet deadlines without resistance, enabling you to deliver work on time and with ease.

Free to Create is a neuroscience-based transformation for entrepreneurs struggling with distraction, self-sabotage, and uncertainty

Unlocking your full potential requires identifying and uprooting the underlying causes of frustrating patterns. You could continue trying to overcome self-limiting behaviors like procrastination, on your own. Or you could work with someone who’s done this work themselves, has helped 500+ others with the same challenges, and can help you get there faster.


You can’t afford to keep playing small

How long have you allowed those negative thoughts to control your life? How many times have you recognized harmful patterns but struggled to break free? And how much precious time have you wasted procrastinating on tasks you know are essential?

Consider the countless dollars you’ve invested in attempting to remove the mental roadblocks that hinder your progress. How much have those negative thought patterns and self-sabotage cost you in missed opportunities and costly mistakes? Has it been a year, a decade, or even two?

Free to Create is a transformative customized experience specifically designed for entrepreneurs. It delivers rapid change and proven results, with many clients no longer needing therapy or coaching afterward.

On the call we will discus investment options. We also provide a discount for those who pay in full.

If you’re tired of the endless procrastination cycle, let’s have a conversation.

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