If you overcame procrastination, you'd double your income

Ready to trade those weekly 5-10 hours of procrastination and perfectionism and finally pursue your desire to create one-to-many offers and free up your calendar?

I'm not a mind reader.. but my best guess is you're on this sales page because you've probably hit your upper limit due to self-sabotage

Put a finger down if...​

But let's be honest. You feel like you've tried A LOT

  • Purchased THAT “launch your course/digital product” course that everyone and their grandmother has that you keep telling yourself you’ll get around but feels overwhelming AF.  You KNOW you’ve got the tools and are thinking “Can’t I just get my shit together on my own”??
  • Tried calendar blocking, buying the pretty planner, setting Pomodoro timers, and “Eating the frog” but you’re still leaving things up until the last-min and kicking yourself that you didn’t start sooner (having to then cancel dinner with your bestie so you have enough time to finish)
  • Pushed back your launches over and over again because you just signed another 4 new 1:1 clients, are balancing personal obligations and don’t have the cal space or the emotional capacity to deal with this “live launching” thing. I get it – you’ve built your business off of 1-1 and small group offers and that’s amazing! But there’s a whole new level of income, impact, and white space on your calendar available to you. 
Real talk: no amount of Pomodoro timers or calendar blocking you try will solve your "I’ll do it tomorrow" habit rooted in self-doubt. And it does not matter how much strategy you learn, if you're not implementing it.

These types of tools don't take your emotional management into consideration. Meaning you're *actually* avoiding the feeling the action gives you, not the task itself.

If you’re serious about scaling your business to the 30-40k months that have been on your vision board for months even years… what got you to one level of success (REACHING 6 figures) isn’t going to get you to the next (doubling your current revenue).

How do I know? Because you're not the only one

It’s not uncommon for smart online business owners to feel a bit scatterbrained, like they never have enough time, and constantly battle their brain when it sounds like a gremlin saying “No one wants to join your offer”.  You’re likely overwhelmed by thoughts like “What’s the best strategy for launching? Should I run ads or start posting on another platform? Where can I find the time to hire? Where do I start with funnels?” 

Many feel FRUSTRATED and slowed down in their business journeys because they got the foundations in place but then plateaued. 

The reason you end up feeling stuck? It’s because, at some point, your challenges can no longer be fixed by thinking harder, waiting for last-min deadlines to take action, or following 10 different strategies without seeing them fully through.

It’s only by identifying and removing the root causes of the sabotaging patterns that you can reach your full potential. Couple that with sustainable business models (that aren’t built on overnight hacks) and you’ll be looking at much higher cash months, balanced weeks that leave you ample time to chill with your partner on a Sunday afternoon, and the inner peace that comes from silencing the inner critic currently living rent-free in your head.

If you're a service provider or coach who's ready to ditch the procrastination and perfectionism, scale their one-to-many offers and finally break through to 30-40k months you're in the right place!

(time to get the level of time freedom and impact you started your business for)

Btw hi!! I’m Grace

Quick confession: when I started my business, my perfectionism was so extreme that I probably had 20+ video drafts on my TikTok channel lol. I felt like an imposter who compulsively bought training programs out of “I don’t know enough” scarcity instead of focusing on working ON my business.

But one thing that helped me cut the shit?

Figuring out procrastination was an emotional management problem, not a time management problem, and then training myself in somatic work that helped me break through fears and insecurities.

Because of messy *strategic* action, I went from 0 to $200,000 and grew my community to 120,000 followers in just my first 12 months of business. 

Nowadays I work 25-hour weeks, have hit up to $110,000 in ONE month, and maintain a loyal happy customer base after helping 600+ individuals overcome procrastination – how? I created a signature scalable offer, found the easiest ways to market it, and mastered somatic work so that I kissed any trace of self-sabotage and “what if I’m not good enough?” worries goodbye.

After receiving so many “How did you scale so fast?” questions, I decided to create my own business mastermind for entrepreneurs who want an easier path to increasing their income *without* getting overwhelmed with what strategy to follow OR getting stuck overthinking the smaller things. 

If I can do it (an ex-procrastinator, perfectionist, and people pleaser who used to get WAY too much in my own way) you can too. xx

Enter: Messy Action Mastermind

A 4 month mastermind where we address the procrastination and perfectionism that’s keeping you stuck at your current level, and combine it with sustainable scaling strategies so you can add 10-20k to your monthly recurring revenue. 

What if I told you that by eliminating 5-10 hrs of procrastination and perfectionism & combining it with strategies to scale, your life could look like:

  • 2x-ing your income and experiencing around-the-clock payment notifications without having to choose between work over personal responsibilities (like keeping up your workout routine) because your 1-to-many group offers and passive products strategies are working for you, even during your morning yoga class 
  • Instead of pushing off a group program for 3 months you’re launching it 3 months EARLIER  than you would have because you’re no longer spending hours just *thinking* about it and worrying about people asking questions you don’t know the answer to. You’re now fully confident in being able to powerfully lead this group and are comfortable not always having all the answers
  • Feeling confident when people invest in your offers because you know they’re the sh!t because you’re no longer constantly questioning if your programs are worth it cuz now you DEEP DOWN know there ARE, and you’re taking messy action to scale them
  • Actually becoming consistent with #allthethings (content, newsletters, launches) which not only boosts your income, but also helps you ditch that unsettling feeling of being behind. You’re working less hours because you’ve built the internal AND external strategic systems (key hires, delegation, client management)
  • Experiencing the ease and JOY of showing up FULLY YOU whether that’s hosting a group call in a messy bun without worrying if you look professional or writing content that infuses more of the personality your closest friends know without wondering “What will they think of me”? -> cuz you know it’s this authenticity that get’s people to say “Damn, I want to work with HER!!”

Here’s what the process looks like ​

Phase 1:

Ditch the Sabotage

 Let’s be honest, procrastination is the biggest bottleneck in your business. We can’t move mountains with affirmations and 25-minute timers, but we CAN with the powerful combo of somatic work and working with the unconscious mind. I’ll intro you to this work and we’ll use it throughout the 4 months with bonus support of my somatic work and mindset program Today not Tomorrow … yeah that’s another $1500 worth of value… FOR FREE

Phase 2:

Offer suite glow up

Whether you’ve been a 1-1 girly who is ready to upgrade to 1:Many offers, or you’ve got a 1:Many offer or 2 and would love to scale it beyond enrolling 10 people, or you’re jazzed about launching a course but are overwhelmed with how to hit your targets…I’ll be auditing your offer suite and making sure there is a clear path to scaling to 30-40k months, helping you build out the remaining pieces (like curriculum design, group format, or program name), and preparing you to launch.

Phase 3:

Marketing that makes money

Your beautiful offers aren’t going to sell themselves with ease if your ex-corporate brain is still trying to sound “put together,” not cause anyone to disagree with you online, or if you’re hiding from marketing or selling to your full potential cuz you’re secretly afraid people will think your prices are too high. I’ll share how I’ve built my community to a combined following of 300,000 so that you too can get more eyes on your socials. But you’ll also master how to take more people from “Thanks for the helpful post!” to “Where can I sign up??” by writing better sales pages, strengthening your nurture sequence, and getting more comfy with selling.

Phase 4:

Systems and Scaling

This will vary on your business and season, but it could mean I show you when and where to make key team hires, helping you build out an evergreen funnel or tripwire that enrolls passive clients on auto-autopilot, building out client SOPs and monthly income trackers so you’re feeling in control of your operations, automating testimonial collection, or adding upsells to your offers to increase lifetime value of those already in your world (with offers they love)!

4 months of support, including:

  • Group Coaching Calls – 3x a month for 60 minutes where we go deep on what YOU most need at the moment (mindset or strategy) so you’ve got the easiest path to executing. Not a lot of group programs meet 3x a month and will instead direct you to coursework, but I’m serious about your transformation and live support is the easiest path for procrastinators (Tuesdays at 11 EST)
  • Group Telegram – Plug into voice and text messages with me to get ongoing support from me when that “How should I follow up with this lead in the DMs?” question pops up during launch or you need me to provide fast feedback on your sales page. You’ll also have the opportunity to plug into the group for support (which often leads to partnerships!)
  • Weekly Co-working sessions – Nothing will kill your procrastination and boost focus faster than group accountability. During these fun co-working sessions, we’ll all hop on to make progress on that uncomfy activity that will move the needle! (Wednesdays at 11:30 am EST and I have 2 alternatives if you can’t make that time work)

And Because I Know You Love Some Good Bonuses:

Bonus 1:

2 Extra Mindset/Somatic-focused calls each month

Go from “I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unmotivated” to “Unproductive who? I got this (& all my to-do list) in the bag!” These are an optional bonus if you want to dive deeper on the mindset and somatic side of things.

Bonus 2:

Access to my Mini program
Easy Decisions

Where you build clarity on what you really desire (financials, hobby, and routine wise), build a plan on how to get there, and learn how to unblock the fears that usually prevent you from making significant progress on them.

Bonus 3:

Access to my Mini Program on
Goal Setting

Ditch the habit of waiting around for certainty and move past the overthinking that usually keeps you sitting on decisions for MONTHS so that instead of second-guessing yourself, you’re moving forward confidently!

These entrepreneurs kicked procrastination, imposter syndrome, and overthinking to the curb and so can you


Writer and Director

“I was really proud of myself. I showed up and for the first time I don’t feel overwhelmed with the feeling of, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’, or ‘I don’t belong here.’ I’m having a good time and I feel very relaxed and confident.”


CFO and CMO of a Events Business

“In working with Grace, I’m able to use my time a lot better. I’m more efficient and clear on what I’m trying to get done in any given workday or moment. My experience in this program was very up-lifting.”


CEO of Web Development and Marketing Agency

Working with Grace I doubled my income…If you feel like you’ve got all the pieces in place, but you’re just not executing and you’re not getting the results you want because you are the bottleneck, work with Grace.”

Enroll before presale ends April 5th & SAVE $400!

Are you ready to ditch procrastination and perfectionism, learn how to scale your business with 1-to-many offers and 2x your income?

Pay Upfront

1 Payment of $5,377 $4,977

Pay Monthly

4 Payments of $1,450 $1,350

I know you like to think things through so let's get your questions answered!

You can certainly work 1-1 with a coach but I would highly recommend you invest in someone who has overcome procrastination. You can learn all the business strategy in the world, but you’ll scale at a much slower pace with sabotage.

This program will be small enough that you still get plenty of 1-1 attention (you can plug into Telegram anytime receive custom advice and everyone will receive coaching on our calls). 

In my personal experience, there was a time where I ONLY invested in 1-1, and it wasn’t until I joined a Mastermind that I saw how much I was missing out (I am still in a Mastermind to this day)!  From getting more opinions on your sales page, to networking and forming partnerships that increase your visibility, to feeling deeply supported by an intimate group of women cheering you on in the online space (since it’s quite lonely) masterminds have many pros that 1-1 does not have. 

If you would ever like to add on a 1-1 call here or there you can, but I think you’ll find you don’t need them. 

If you’re currently spending 5-10 hours procrastinating each week (and yes, that included the time spent “productively” procrastinating the herder things by chasing shinny objects) then you can count on this program giving you time back. Scaling your 1-to-many offers is your best bet for enjoying more time freedom and making passive income, and you also learn how to do that inside this program. 

The time commitment is 3 hours per month for live calls, and it is up to you how much you want to plug into Telegram and work on your business outside of that. Considering how much time you’ll save when you’re no longer avoiding your most important work, and once you build out your 1:many offers, your schedule will significantly lighten.

I hear you!  When I used to struggle with procrastination and perfectionism, I was also pretty skeptical if could change what basically felt like my personality. 

But this is not the way you are at your core. You were not born a procrastinator. You learned some beliefs growing up (like many of us do) that led to failure and rejection not feeling safe. Just as you learned these patterns, you can also unlearn them. 

Until you’ve worked with a specialist (who has seen 600+ cases of procrastination and perfectionism) I would not settle with this just “being the way things are”. 

You have to options: you can either settle and buy the fear that things can’t change. Or you can take a leap, and try something that will change FAR more than you ever thought possible. 

You can’t scale very far or fast without ditching self-sabotage, which is why this teaches you both the mindset and strategy work. You’ll be learning from someone (me! lol) who has built a multi-six-figure business and grown a large following *not* in the business coaching industry. 

And instead of cramming everything into a 4-week program or a course you never go through, over 4 months I’ll be custom teaching you strategies (based on your business) that will set you up for sustainably increasing your income. This will have extremely close proximity to me and provide the benefits of a small group mastermind container.

This mastermind will be limited to 8 people. I will not accept any more after that. You are always promised time on our coaching calls. 

This mastermind offers the accountability and support that you don’t normally get in most larger business programs.

1-to-Many offers allow you to scale without the amount of people working with you being tied to your time. 

They can either take the form of a group program or course. 

We build out email funnels, so that when a person opts into your free resource (lead magnet like a free workshop) they are then getting nurtured in a series of emails, which ultimately lead them to join your group offer or course while you carry on your day. 

Many of my clients come to me feeling like they’ve exhausted all options, so I hear you! But time management techniques alone are ineffective without addressing the management of your mind and emotions, which is a core aspect of this program. The good news is the previous work is not a waste, rather it’s likely prepped you to see faster results once you clear out your mental blocks.

Instead of general therapy that explores your past and family dynamics, coaching focuses on moving forward and supporting you with frameworks designed for a specific type of challenge the coach is well experienced in (in this case procrastination and  perfectionism). The two are both helpful but VERY different. 

The Mastermind calls take place at 11 am EST on Tuesday 3x a month. If you would like to go deeper on mindset and somatic work, you can join calls offered in my procrastination program which happen 2x a month (Thursdays at 11 am). We also have weekly coworking sessions to get your hardest tasks done with accountability! (Wednesdays at 11:30 am EST) 

I have worked with clients who have ADHD as well as those who don’t, allowing me to provide tailored recommendations for each group. The program includes a dedicated module with procrastination strategies specifically designed for individuals with ADHD, developed with the assistance of ADHD strategists. Ultimately, the core solution still revolves around learning how to manage your mind and emotions, and accessing tools that facilitate getting started.

As of right now, I am just committing to these 4 months. The sooner you prioritize this work, the sooner your income, mental freedom and time can reap the benefits. Stop waiting for the perfect time, because life is messy and it usually won’t come!

Strategy Wise: 

  • Content, Marketing, and Selling: are you consistently creating content and promoting your offers or occasionally going cold turkey online & crossing your fingers most just join from referrals?
  • Offer suite building and launching: waiting until the last min to build your program or write your launch emails? We’ll simplify your approach so your brain isn’t so overwhelmed
  • Client onboarding and management: would your systems be able to handle 100 people joining your 1:many offer tomorrow? We’ll change that.

Mindset Wise:

  • Fewer Fears and More Accountability: Watch your self-doubt decrease and hold yourself accountable for your actions and results.
  • Increase productivity, discipline, and self-confidence in your work, enabling you to achieve more and believe in your abilities.
  • Stress Reduction and Work/Life Balance: Decrease stress levels and achieve a better work/life balance, allowing you to enjoy your personal life while performing well in your career.
  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage: Stop behaviors such as perfectionism and people-pleasing and unlock your version of success.
  • Time Management: Manage your time better, gain control over your schedule, and stay on top of your tasks and deadlines.

Within the Mastermind Group

3 x 60 min small group strategy calls each month with just the mastermind

Group Telegram voice and text support from Grace (where you can also mastermind with other online business owners) M-F

As a Bonus to the Mastermind

2 x 60 min mindset group coaching calls each month (these are optional if you would like to dive deeper on mindset inside of my larger procrastination group program you have bonus access to)

Access to my all paid mindset curriculums (Today not Tomorrow, Complete Guide to Goal Setting, Easy Decisions) 

Will you do have access to my courses and materials as a bonus, this is a purely LIVE program. As in, if you can trust yourself to show up to calls and get coached, I’m not only going to help you overcome the procrastination, but I am also making it as easy as possible to take steps outside of calls using by providing you with weekly coworking sessions each week.  

Here's the tea

I’m not gonna shit rainbows and tell you adding an extra 10k to your monthly recurring revenue is a cakewalk, but it is 100% DOABLE for you this year.  However, it’s WAY harder if you’re overthinking all the things along the way (including the title of your live workshop).

I love you but you can’t scale that fast when your fears are the bottleneck of your business, or you don’t have a clear path of the next best steps to prioritize to scale your 1:many offer. 

There is only so much deadline crunching, doing it all yourself-ing, and spending unnecessary extra hours perfecting you can do before your income hits a ceiling.

The good news is, if you’ve made it to this level of success with lingering self-sabotage, just imagine what it will be like without. 

Are you ready to start scaling your 1:many offers without sabotage so you have a spacious personal life outside of your business?

Still wondering if this is the right program for you?

This group IS for Entrepreneurs who:

This is NOT for people who:

As Seen In