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If you’re a service provider or coach who’s ready to ditch the procrastination and perfectionism, scale their one-to-many offers and finally break through to 30-40k months you’re in the right place!​

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Meet Grace Brodeur

Procrastinator turned Productivity & Business Coach

Hey, I am thrilled you’re here! 

I specialize in helping online business owner overcome procrastination so they can increase their time, financial, and mental freedom. But my career and business were not always so smooth!
Throughout school and my corporate career, I experienced ongoing procrastination, deadline crunches, fears, and overthinking that made me so overwhelmed I wanted to crawl under the covers and hide from my problems. I could not find comprehensive training that achieved permanent solutions (30 min timers and calendar blocking WEREN’T IT), so I decided to pivot my career and create it myself. Years of education and training later, and my business was born!  Within one year of opening, I scaled from 0 to 110,000 followers and went from $0 to $200,000 in revenue and I fell in love with helping entrepreneurs with strategy as well as mindset.
I am a trauma-informed performance coach who has built a community of over 300,000 individuals and helped over 600 working professionals overcome procrastination. What I found is people don’t avoid actions they avoid feelings, so instead of just using time management strategies, my solutions directly address the root cause of the problem. I help my clients overcome fears and self-doubt and improve their self-worth and emotional management because these focuses have the largest impact on your productivity and confidence.

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