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Scale your free time and income through simple strategies, systems, and ditching self-sabotaging patterns like procrastination, people pleasing, overthinking, and perfectionism.

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Meet Grace Brodeur

Procrastinator turned Productivity + BusINESS Coach
Grace Brodeur specializes in helping entrepreneurs overcome procrastination and learn simple business strategies so they can increase their time, financial, and mental freedom. Throughout school and her corporate career, Grace experienced ongoing procrastination, deadline crunches, fears, overwhelm, and overthinking that kept her stuck. She could not find comprehensive training that achieved permanent solutions, so she decided to start a business and create it herself.
Today she is a trauma-informed performance and business coach who has built a community of over 300,000 individuals and helped over 600 working professionals overcome procrastination. She has hit cash months as high as $110,000 without burning out, and giving herself plenty of free time to explore new countries and hobbies each year.

After getting so many questions about how she was able to achieve this in under 3 years, she started providing business coaching to online service providers as well. If you’d love to learn how she did it, hop on the list!

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