Case Study

Charlie’s Results

's Results

Charlie kept getting in the way of his own goals. Now he’s following through and surpassing his goals.

“When I started this program, I didn’t know how to form a habit or listen to my needs and desires.”

“Hi, my name is Charlie Levine and I joined the program because I kept getting so close to my goals and then I would just move right out of the way. After about the 10th time of doing that, I knew something needed to change.

When I started this program, I did not have a clue in the world how to form a habit. I didn’t have a sense of what it meant to listen to my needs and my boundaries and my wants and my desires.

There’s so much art I wanted to write and draw and create, and, for whatever reason, I kept getting in the way of myself. Honestly, my biggest concern with enrolling in the program was whether or not it could live up to the astonishingly good quality of the one hour lecture she had before, because as I listened to it, I just felt like every point she was hitting was so insightfully right that I was wondering, “Is this going to be able to still be this good?”.

If I hadn’t done this course with Grace, I would not have followed through. But more than that, I think I wouldn’t have made any of the contacts I’ve made in the industry I cared about.

I wouldn’t have realized just how achievable so many things are. I can think of at least five things that have lost their teeth as I’ve learned to approach these problems. By the fifth one, and you’re like, “oh, I guess I can do these things”. It feels great to be able to walk around the world, knowing how achievable things are. It’s freed up so much mental chatter around getting things right all the time and procrastinating.

If you feel like you tired of ADD running your life, you can’t follow through with any of your habits, you don’t know how to pursue things in your desired field, and you don’t know what it means to set a boundary in a way that doesn’t harm your relationships, then I would highly, highly, highly recommend working with Grace.

When some of these things are any harder to admit- things like  failing or struggling – it was such a gift to be able to speak about it in a judgment free area.

It’s almost hard to sum up all the things that I’ve gotten.

I am following through with habits in a way I never have in my entire life. I’ve literally never been able to do things consistently for more than a few days.

I cared about writing and had never entered that world at all in a professional way and now I like regularly conversing with people in the field that I cared about, respected and admired.

I think more than anything, it was knowing that these things were things that I was capable of.

I am the person who can do this, just as much as anybody else who wants to can do it. I am the person who can actually follow through with things. I am the person who can create art that people like enjoy and love and want to share and continue doing.

 It’s a wonderful thing to experience that for the first time. That’s for sure.”

“I am the person who can do this, just as much as anybody else who wants to can do it. I am the person who can actually follow through with things.”

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