When it comes to overcoming procrastination, you have two effective options

Which one works best for you?

For established busy entrepreneurs looking to overcome procrastination

with high-level 1-1 support and a small business owner mastermind

This is for you if you recognize you’re the bottleneck of your business growth. You’re talking yourself out of starting the next project or hiring the next employee, even though it’s the key to more of your financial, creative, and time freedom. You want to be an effective leader who is confident in what they bring to the table.


For creatives looking for an affordable guaranteed solution to overcome procrastination

with a community that understands them.

This is for you if you want to see tangible improvements in your productivity, confidence, and time freedom. You also like the idea of going at a customized pace while having the ongoing support of group coaching calls.

You might be wondering

How will we overcome procrastination?

I get it, I tried a lot of things that did not work and have not always known if programs were the right fit for me.

I’ve got you covered. I’m a lover of logic and understanding the process of something before getting my feet wet.

See most are looking for solutions here (arrow to actions) which has them searching for time-management tactics, feeling they just need to get organized and fix their “motivational problem.” We look a few layers underneath. Using my unique blend of methodologies, we’ll work with your subconscious beliefs, shift your negative thoughts, and transform your emotional management.

It’s a joy to watch clients experience rapid shifts in their productivity. However, what truly excites me is observing the transformative impact on their self-relationship as they shift their internal belief system. It doesn’t take a genius to conclude negative self-talk is the ultimate buzz kill to your happiness. Through this deep work, you will discover a sense of ease that is unmatched.

What results can you expect from this work?

Here’s what we focus on inside Today not Tomorrow:

With Free to Create, you get all that plus more:


A gentle kick up the butt, served with compassion and encouragement

I am a no-BS direct you-to-the-exact-answers-you-need type of coach who has spent years working in this niche of procrastination and has seen it all.

Together, we’ll elevate your productivity, self-awareness, and confidence.