Client Case Studies

Here’s what some of our clients have achieved with our help.

Chris overcame procrastination patterns, freed himself from the weeds, and doubled his revenue.
Chris sitting in his office chair wearing a dark-colored polo shirt
Shelly went from mindlessly working 12 hours a day to working less, bringing on more clients, and ultimately having more free time.
This is what it's like after just a few calls with Grace. Hear what Marvin has to say.
Marvin has beard and wearing a black bonnet and light blue shirt
Morgan struggled with motivation and stress. After completing the Free to Create program, she has gained a new sense of clarity and feels confident and solid in her goals.
Morgan wearing a gray turtle neck sweater
Janet was overwhelmed by running her business. After working with Grace, not only has she been able to get more done in her business, she has seen tremendous growth in her personal life as well.
Janet smiling while sitting in her office chair wearing big glasses
Kevin has a better understanding of himself and his behaviors which allows him to be who he's always wanted to be.
Kevin smiling widely for the camera
Michael grew over 10,000 followers on social media and built a successful AI business that generates over $25,000 each month.
Michael has white beard and wearing glasses
Sam built confidence, consistency, increased business revenue, quit his 9-5 job, and bought his own property.
Sam wearing a gray polo shirt
Shanzay changed her negative self talk and now feels lighter, happier, and less anxious.
Shanzay has curly hair wearing her zipper jacket
Melissa overcome the perfectionism which was holding back her music career.
melissa smiling brightly wearing her big glasses
Mike saves 6 more hours each week now that he is no longer procrastinating.
Mike wearing his dark gray v neck shirt
Charlie set boundaries, increased confidence in his industry, built sustainable habits, and can now manage with ADD.
Charlie is wearing a bonnet with his headphones plugged in
Dymarie overcame procrastination and expanded her business as a result.
Dymarie who has curly hair wearing big hoop earrings
Jordan built the confidence to switch jobs and move across the country.
Jordan smiling for the camera wearing his gray jacket and glasses