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Michael’s Results

's Results

Michael was stuck in his same old patterns and couldn’t grow his business the way he wanted to. Now he has over 10,000 followers on social media and a successful business, Co-Creator.

“I’m doubling down on the things that I’m doing and they’re actually growing and that feels amazing. So thank you, Grace.”

“My name is Michael Kerry Chow and I’m the founder of Co-creator. We bring AI to the arts. That’s writing illustration animation, and probably a lot more things in the near future.

When I started with Grace, I had just gotten several great opportunities and I really wanted to rise to the occasion.

Didn’t want to mess it up. And so I wanted to find a partner in wrangling myself.

My biggest concern about working with Grace was whether or not I could afford it. It was a new kind of expense for me. I had never done personal coaching before. Everything was allocated already to other projects and other places and I wasn’t sure if if it was the right investment. It turns out it really is. Coaching has really helped me get beyond myself. Last spring I decided to take everything up a level and start a few apps, get clients. And I knew that I had to get out of my own way.

And I also knew from many attempts at doing this meditation and exercise and, you know, all the things that I wanted help.

I looked around and I found Grace. One of the things I love about grace is how authentic she is how actionable her advice is and how how well she reflects the incoherent babble that comes out of my mouth when I’m trying to represent myself in the present. She’ll reflect it back to me and and out of that conversation comes practical things I can try the next week.

So I love this whole method of working on myself while I’m working in business. So it’s not like I have to take a break away from business.
This happens in the flow in the messy flow. She’s helped me show my work. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do ever since I heard Austin Kleon recommended, but I found it difficult. Through working with Grace,  I’ve been able to develop a social media platform. It used to be that I would post some things about me or about some projects.
And then a week later go and delete all the posts. Cause it just didn’t fit. Didn’t feel right. Didn’t feel perfect.

Working with Grace, I’ve been able to develop a body of work, posted a hundred AI animation experiments and have since gotten 10,000 followers from 50.

So that’s that’s a very tangible change and yet there’s even more important things like I’ve been able to change habits that were not serving me.

I’ve been able to, as an introvert, hold so many zoom calls- I never would believe I would be able to do that.

My energy level has, and my energy reserves have really grown. And it’s thanks to this this work before working with grace, I had the habit of working endlessly on experiments and not really showing them or sharing them until I felt like they were ready and often that time never came.

So a lot of things never got shared and just got shelved. And since working with grace, I have learned to let things go, let people see them to get them in front of my audience while I’m still working on them.
And amazingly, this has given me the, the lift I need to carry projects through and iterate and evolve them. This is something I never could have done on my own.

This connection with my audience has been invaluable. What I like most about working with Grace is that her full attention is on getting me out of my own way.

She’s a great listener and she’s very wise, she’s a lot of practical tips and also is not afraid to challenge me.

The biggest takeaway I have from working with grace is that it’s never too late to make the adjustments to get back on course and awareness and acceptance of the state of how things are, is a simple and bulls-eye technique to bring me back into the present, orient me towards the future I want to build and does it without magical thinking, but in full acceptance of how things are good and bad.

So it feels very real, very actionable. And at the same time, full of hope if I hadn’t hired Grace, I’m sure I would be reenacting the same patterns that I have been for years.

I have a bit of shiny object syndrome. She’s she’s pointed out and I tend to start up new endeavors as a way to escape the pain of current ones. I probably would be chasing shiny objects if I hadn’t gotten coaching from her.

So instead I’m doubling down on the things that I’m doing and they’re actually growing and that feels amazing. So thank you, Grace.

You should work with Grace if you’ve tried it all before and it just keeps getting you back to the same stuck place. You should work with Grace,  if you have fears that are preventing you from getting what you know is right within reach, and you should work with Grace if you have a dream that you know it’s time to get to. Good luck.”

“I look forward to our calls every week because I know I have an ally who is going to help me be more me.”

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