Case Study

Mike’s Results

's Results

Working from home used to be a procrastination struggle. Now Mike is aware of his daily actions and is reaching new levels of productivity.

“After this course, there are a lot less obstacles in my way which frees up my energy to put towards my productivity.”

“My name is Michael Carr, and I joined the program to better manage issues around procrastination and perfectionism.

When I enrolled in the program, I was working remotely and because I was at a home office, I often found myself and procrastinating and going onto YouTube often during the day.

And I found my work wasn’t as efficient as it could be. I also had a lot of struggles with trying to get external projects that I was professionally working on as well off the ground and getting them started.

Since working with Grace and going through the program, I have spent  about an hour less a day procrastinating on YouTube while I’m working.
I was able to make initial steps to starting a side project that I’ve been wanting to start for quite a while.

I was able to really sustainably build in at least five minutes of mindfulness in my daily routine. I think I’m more aware of my inner emotions, and my behavior as a result of those emotions.

I’m more productive, definitely throughout my work day and I’m much better at allowing myself to slow down and not feeling guilty as a result of it.

What I like best about working with grace is I feel she’s actually living what she’s doing. She has that authenticity, which I feel inspired me to really stop procrastinating on the things that I want in my life and to really go out there and try to get them.

If I hadn’t enrolled in this course, I would have struggled a lot more with my current endeavors and my future endeavors as well.

I’m a naturally driven person, however, I often feel like getting to where I want to be, takes a lot of energy outside of myself. And I feel that after this course there’s going to be a lot less obstacles in my way, which should also then free up some of that energy to be able to put that towards productive use.

You should definitely work with Grace if you resonate at all with any of the TikToks that she has. But if you have this feeling that either your procrastination or your perfectionism is getting in the way of who you want to be in life or what you want to do in life, then I would definitely sign up for this course.”

“You should definitely work with Grace if you feel that your procrastination or perfectionism is getting in the way.”

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