Case Study

Melissa’s Results

's Results

Melissa went from a perfectionist who was struggling to get things done, to fearless creator ready to take on her next adventure.

“Grace made me feel heard. She’s very passionate about what she does.”

“Hey, my name’s Melissa and I joined these sessions because I really felt a connection to Grace. When I saw her on TikTok, I wanted to learn more about why I was feeling so stuck on projects that I’ve been working on.

My music is my business as a songwriter and I hadn’t released anything in the past year. I was in a place of frustration with myself and I wanted to get out of that and get some inspiration or just some accountability for my goal.

My biggest concern was that I was going to be wasting money. I just thought I could handle my issues on my own. This was a big investment to make for something that I didn’t  know was going to work out or if I was going to benefit from. I can that it paid off.

I don’t really think about it anymore. I just didn’t know how I would feel being so vulnerable in the classes.

I actually really liked the group coaching.  By the end of it, I felt like we were all a part of a team. Seeing other people’s progress was really nice- it felt like therapy and was a place to sort of vent. I leave the sessions feeling very competent and capable.

What I liked best about working with Grace was her – her demeanor. I really connected with her when I saw her videos on TikToK.
There was just something that like drew me to her. And I just didn’t let it go. I just trust her.

There’s not really a way to describe it other than it’s a feeling she provided to me. She was so professional and was everything I thought she would be in the sessions.

She just has like a way of really making you feel heard. She’s so dialed in to what you’re saying.

And she always has a great response and it’s just so amazing to watch her do that all in real time.

She’s very passionate about what she does and you know, what put me at ease was that she shared her personal journey with us throughout our sessions.

And then it never felt like you were being talked down to, it just felt like you were being like cheered on by her, which was a great feeling.
Perfectionists are often high achievers striving to do really big things, but we are so afraid to make a mistake that we often just put everything off.
I think that she opened my eyes to the fact that this is something that a lot of people deal with and that there are ways to combat it.

I think that all of those things, throughout the day, I’ll pull on them to help me send emails faster, make decisions quicker.

I saw the group coaching as an opportunity. And even that was a big decision to get over and to do the group coaching.

I think there was always something in me that just like knew I wanted to do it and I just needed to stop feeling so afraid of doing it because it’s only good outcomes.

I do feel like you develop a sort of personal relationship with Grace throughout this.

That has been really valuable to me.

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