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Shanzay’s Results

's Results

Shanzay was holding herself back through negative self-talk and unrealistic expectations. Now she feels lighter, happier, and embraces herself every chance she has.

“It’s really funny to me that I was so terrified to invest in this program because I have so fundamentally changed as a person these last few months because of Grace.”

“Hi everyone. My name is Shanzay and I just graduated from Grace’s three-month program on perfectionism and procrastination.

I was ready for a change, but I didn’t really have an idea of what needed to change.

When I started the program, I really felt like I was at a fork in the road and a lot of different aspects of my life. And I knew that it was time for me to start making the really important decisions about what I truly wanted out of life.

But I also felt that I was holding myself back from making those decisions because of my constant negative self-talk and the unrealistic expectations I was putting on myself and not to mention the general discomfort I had with making decisions in the first place.
If I hadn’t signed up for this program, I would have been stuck where I was three months ago, which was paralyzed by this fear that I was never going to be good enough.

Through this program, I’ve embraced the messiness of life and that things can be uncomfortable and accepting that has allowed me to make mistakes and the decisions knowing that I’m doing the best that I can do with the information that I have.

And I think most importantly, this acceptance, these mistakes, these decisions have allowed me to move forward in life again, instead of feeling terrified and stuck. Grace has an amazing way of describing concepts I’ve known my entire life and really eloquent and powerful ways that I’ve truly shifted the way that I view myself and the world.
And these shifts have shown up and really intangible and tangible ways. I’d say the first thing is that I’ve really learned how to show up for myself.
I’ve started setting boundaries with other people instead of people-pleasing, and I’ve learned how to listen to my inner voice- and in fact, have a kinder inner voice.

I think the second way it’s really showed up is that I’ve also learned how to sit with uncomfortable feelings instead of running away from them.

The way that I was talking to myself and the way that I was thinking about myself had a really tangible impact on my life.
It impacted the way that I felt other people viewed me. It impacted how I viewed my capabilities and where I could go in life.

And it was causing me to be limited because I was procrastinating everything. And I was holding myself to this ideal that just didn’t exist.
The biggest obstacle for me was definitely the financial commitment. I had never spent that much money before. And I especially had never spent that much money on myself before.

And I was just terrified that I was going to come out of the three month program having absolutely not changed at all.

In hindsight. it’s really funny to me that I was so terrified to invest in this program because I have so fundamentally changed as a person these last few months Because of Grace and because of this program, I think ultimately I just feel so much lighter and happier because I really learned how to understand and embrace myself through this program.

And I feel that I now have the tools to continue the rest of my life in a very different way.”

“It’s forced me to stop procrastinating and in turn, I now feel so much more control over my time and my mental capacity.”

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