Case Study

Sam’s Results

's Results

Sam went from overanalyzing and being stuck in his negative emotions to unwavering self-love and acceptance for himself.

“I think some of my biggest results were just in general mentality shifts – my ability to digest emotions and enjoy them in all their forms is far more advanced than I ever thought I ever could have imagined.”

“My name is Sam Stewart. I’m 25 years old. And I am an entrepreneur within the real estate industry.

I was about one year into my journey as an entrepreneur. I still had a full-time corporate job working within the insurance space.

And I had just moved back to the Midwest where I was living on my own in the Northeast right out of college and moved back in with my parents given COVID.
And I just wasn’t loving my life.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, lost in my head, over analyzing projects, trying to ensure that it had everything perfect for the first time and more than anything I just had this feeling that I had so much more potential that I wasn’t quite tapping into at 25 with so much going on in my head.

I really didn’t know if I needed a life and business coach or if I just needed a therapist. I was a little bit concerned that I might be picking the wrong form of external support, and it was really reassuring to hear Grace’s approach to helping me.

I struggled with justifying such a big investment at such a young age when the alternatives were reinvesting money back into the business, traveling and doing that type of self exploration or something else.

When I look at the results of my time working with Grace and I break them down into three different categories, can be business results, personal accomplishments, and then mentality shifts.

So for me, our business had several tangible results. Specifically, we expanded our real estate portfolio by a little over $400,000 through the acquisition of several new house flips and we had just bought our first mobile home park. Through that time, we continued to develop our software, added some employees, and those were some really huge, tangible milestones for our business.

Real estate is a little bit slower, so I actually expect a lot more results to come from our coaching time in the next year.

And I’m really excited to see those, but those are some things that happened within the six months.

The second category being personal accomplishments while all the business growth was incredible, some of the bigger accomplishments were personal.

I was able to quit my corporate job and landed a part-time consulting gig that enables me to focus more time on the business while making the same amount of money in way more of a stress free environment.

So that was huge. I also bought my first personal home and I moved out of my parents, which has helped me step into a lot more independence.

And then most notably, I think some of my biggest results were just in general mentality, shifts my ability to digest emotions and enjoy them in all their forms is far more advanced than I ever thought than I ever than I ever could have imagined.
So I’m more aware of my thoughts now because of daily meditation, I can digest negative emotions more effectively because of EFT tapping.

I don’t fall into the same procrastination pitfalls because of leveraging focus. I now have the mental toolkit to be able to coach myself and I’ve never felt more present and able to manage my emotions.

So for me, my pursuit of perfection came in the form of over analysis, which ended up resulting in procrastinating on taking action.

Now I don’t chase procrastination nearly as much as I once did I chase progress, candidly, still working on it because I’d love to become even better at it.
I used to think that the most effective way to complete a project was to arrive at the final result in, in one attempt.

And that meant a ton of prep work, a ton of analysis and a ton of forethought before any action was taken and sure the end result was great, but it took so long to get there.

Then it actually became inefficient. And so I’ve learned that there are diminishing returns when chasing perfection. So more prep time doesn’t necessarily mean less errors, less rework and less frustration.

Having a messy first draft is no longer something I fear- It’s something that I strive for because I can always iterate and improve.

My pursuit now in my mentality around it has really shifted towards chasing progress and just getting something on the page rather than trying to think through all the different circumstances in my head before I start taking action in general, I think that Grace is incredibly knowledgeable and uses a great balance of research, emotional management tips and technology to help you become a better version of yourself, which naturally has a positive impact on my business or your business.
So I found her incredibly relatable as well particularly because we were both Enneagram threes and she’s experienced a lot of the same things that I was working through in corporate America.

So hearing firsthand you know, her personal experience combined with, you know, her wealth of coaching knowledge really put me on a path for success.
And it really just made the entire experience that enjoyable. And each call was something I looked forward to because I knew I was going to learn something new about life and about myself.

My biggest takeaway from my time working with grace was that you can’t eliminate all the negative emotions and moreover that that’s okay in my mind now, negative emotions are really no more than just an internal alert to signal.
And if you become aware of what that signal is trying to telling you, then you can take action and you can proactively forgive yourself or take one step at a time To those negative emotions and get back into that neutral state or even that above neutral state.

If I hadn’t worked with Grace, I don’t think that I would have as much self love and acceptance for myself as I have today.

And that translates into monumental positive impacts across my physical health, my mental health and the health of my business. All of which I’m incredibly grateful for.
You should definitely work with Grace if you’re already a high performing entrepreneur who wants to scale even faster by taking your mental fortitude to the next level.

Do you want to have the same results?