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Morgan’s Results

's Results

As CEO and CMO of a business, Morgan struggled with motivation and stress. After completing the Free to Create program, she has gained a new sense of clarity, improved her management and organizational skills, and feels confident and solid in her goals.

“In working with Grace, I’m able to use my time a lot better. I’m more efficient and learn on what I’m trying to get done in any given workday or moment.”

“My name is Morgan Jape. I am CEO and CMO of an events and marketing business. When I first started working with Grace, my post pandemic business day-to-day was really stressful.

I was having a hard time staying on top of things. Whether it was extreme motivation or lack of motivation, I was just in a vicious cycle that needed to change. 

My concerns in working with Grace were really just the monetary investment. It’s a chunk of change. We’re a small business and we operate a really tight ship.

I’m our sole full-time employee and had to really weigh the risk of what the benefits might be before signing up, but it was worth it.

Since working with Grace I feel like the program itself has given me a really thorough look into our business plan.

Everything from financials to just goals and next steps and what it takes to get there and being more realistic in setting those goals – not to damper anything, but to really like find a direction and figure out where I wanna go. From a team management and organization side, I have a new approach to how I’m managing our team members and contractors, and it’s helped a ton with just general workflow. Things are more clear to the team. I feel solid in what I’m sharing, and we’ve had a huge improvement on just general day-to-day operations.

I also have a lot more personal clarity on my goals and expectations and feel really good going into an upcoming season confident in what I’m going for, solid in how I’m gonna get there, and on a personal level, I feel really confident and solid in my goals as the business owner to execute on what we’re gonna do in this coming year.

After working with Grace, I have a totally different awareness of my procrastination habits and I’m able to look at a situation and pause and change my behavior.

I’ve adjusted the cycle of “push this off, procrastinate, I’ll do that later” to really looking at why I’m doing that and then able to make a change and get the work done and feel good about it.

In working with Grace, I’m able to use my time a lot better. I’m more efficient and clear on what I’m trying to get done in any given workday or moment.
My experience in this program was very uplifting. I think I came in not necessarily knowing what I was gonna get out of it, and what I’ve been able to accomplish in the last few months of working with Grace has changed my approach on a business level and how I’m approaching the work that I’m doing, but then also on a personal level, applying those skills and tools across everything from household duties to relationships to friends. Just the way that I I go about my day-to-day has changed in a really positive way.

One of the biggest things I took away from doing this work especially in a group of fellow entrepreneurs, is that we’re all figuring this out as we go.

It gave me a lot of confidence that I didn’t have to have the answer to keep moving forward. And I wrote down a lot of lines from Grace’s program, but one of my favorites is “Ot’s not about what we’re doing, it’s about who we’re becoming and understanding what we’re learning along the way is just helping us grow”. And so it takes the pressure off the situation. It allows things to be fun which is why I’m in this business to begin with and helps me have a better attitude.

You should work with Grace if you’re ready to change things up. Grace provides tools and resources and guidance to help you get there.
Something I will take with me from this Free to Create program is the understanding of how many of us are in the same boat and that my procrastination concerns are shared by so many people, especially in the entrepreneurship field.

And to sit on a call and hear from others and see myself in their shoes actually made me feel a lot better and made me approach my challenges in a totally different way. The camaraderie and the team aspect helps.”

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