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Janet’s Results

's Results

Janet was overwhelmed by running her business. After working with Grace, not only has she been able to get more done in her business, she has seen tremendous growth in her personal life as well.

“Working with Grace has helped me to change my self-talk so that I’m able to coach myself into doing more, see the bigger picture of things, and accomplish more.”

“Hi there. My name is Janet Brown. I am executive director and part owner of Industrial Search Partners, which is an executive recruiting firm.

When I reached out to Grace, I think the biggest thing that was happening with me was a huge sense of overwhelm, which was running my business.

I had recently moved and I just felt completely out of control and didn’t feel like I was on top of anything.

I felt like I was constantly struggling to keep up with what was going on and that what I was accomplishing, the quality of it, was suffering. I really wanted to be able to talk to somebody about how I prioritize things, how I can get them done, and not constantly beat myself up about it. 

I think my biggest concern about working with Grace was that I wouldn’t be able to commit the time. That I would feel like I was using time that could be spent on getting things done for my business or around my home, rather than using time for myself.

I can really see a difference in the way that I approach my work, in the way that I prioritize my work, and also just knowing that when I’m putting something off, it’s more of that I’m avoiding an emotion as opposed to being lazy.

Working with Grace has helped me to change my self-talk so that I give myself more grace, for lack of a better term, and I’m able to coach myself into doing more, seeing the bigger picture of things, and accomplishing more.

It’s been a big game changer for me to have the time to talk to Grace. I’m Just able to get more done.

I’m starting to feel more in control and more okay with things not being done particularly right, or even somebody coming back and saying, this wasn’t a hundred percent right.

From a business perspective, I have set up systems now, and honestly, it’s made my work more enjoyable.

It affects all aspects of the business when you set something up a million times better. Getting up early, feeling good about myself, having more energy, there’s so much more time.

There’s less panic and less struggle. I would tell anybody who was considering working with Grace that it’s worth it.

If you are like me, you will invest your time and money into other things, especially things that you think will benefit your business rather than investing time and money in yourself.

But if you really think that through, anything that you invest in yourself will manifest itself tenfold in your business and your personal life.
I think I was afraid of showing my faults to somebody, even somebody like Grace, because I judge myself. And so I would think that other people would judge me, but instead it wasn’t like that at all.

It was more of looking at things objectively and just trying to get to the bottom of things and move through them.

Helping myself feel better about me and about the work that I do, and being able to get more done. It’s worth it.

And don’t be afraid of showing your true self, because that’s the only way that you can improve.”

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