Case Study

Kevin’s Results

's Results

Kevin has a better understanding of himself and his behaviors which allows him to be who he’s always wanted to be.

“Take the journey and allow yourself better insights in terms of who you are and how you can become more effective.”

“My name is Kevin Keen. I’m the Executive Director of Directed Action. We are a management consulting firm. The business question I was solving was, how do I grow the business? The personal question was about procrastination. Why am I not doing what I know I need to do?

I think that was the main thrust to engage Grace and help figure that out. If I didn’t work with Grace, I wouldn’t be working on the right things. I wouldn’t be solving the right problems, and I’d be miserable in the process, and the bully brain would live and would reign supreme in my head.

If I didn’t work with Grace, I’d be in this very difficult cycle of just continually beating myself up and trying to figure out what I need to do and specifically focusing on the wrong things, identifying an opportunity, and then being able to respond to that elapsed time was fairly substantial.

The work time was kind of bunched up right toward the deadline. I’ve reduced that time so that I’m getting to the results quicker.

I’m also seeing better results. So the most significant results from Grace are really personal insights. What’s going on in my brain? Why am I behaving this way? And then understanding how to process the tangible part right now is really setting the foundation for the business. And then how do I address some of my behaviors and insights that go on that I wasn’t able to tap into prior to working with Grace? This whole notion of perfectionism has zero value. It is not in any way, shape, or form an attribute that shouldn’t be admired and encouraged. Because for me at least, anyway, perfectionism added very little value in the long term. And it was more of a hindrance than it was helpful.

So what I thought was a strength is not. It’s not something that I want. And I think working with Grace allowed me to deconstruct that, and then emotionally deconstruct that to recognize that that’s not a value proposition that I should pursue. That was enormously helpful for me.

Self-talk is far more constructive. It’s far more positive, but now I know how to manage it, and now I know how to deal with it.

What I liked best about working with Grace was the structured approach. I think that was very helpful for me, plus the flexibility to dig deep in terms of something that pops up and address it.

I think the biggest takeaway for me was, was understanding myself and my tendencies and my behaviors, my attitudes, and through that, allowing myself to become more effective and allowing myself to be more of who I want to be.

Take the journey because the journey is going to be enormously valuable for you, and it’s gonna be different for everybody, right? I would highly encourage you to take the journey, and trust the process, because the process works. And you’re, you’re best if you’re at all interested, right?

And you’re hyper-motivated and you want to be successful. Take this step because what you’ll find is what you want and what you need is gonna be two different things, and you won’t know that until you get there. So take the journey and allow yourself better insights into who you are and how you can become more effective.”

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