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Refer an Entrepreneur

Hey, Grace here! My mission is to help lower the anxiety many creative professionals and entrepreneurs experience so they enjoy more peace, clarity, and freedom.

And I would love your help if you know someone else who could benefit from this work.

In return for taking the time to connect us, I offer a referral fee for any individual who joins the coaching program!

Who do I Help?

Creative professionals who work for themselves and are struggling with perfectionism, procrastination and people-pleasing tendencies.

  • This includes: business owners and leaders, writers, actors/actresses, and high performers who have paved their own way but have some mental blocks they want to clear.
  • My work does not focus on helping people figure out the start of a side hustle or new career, but rather people who have an established brand or business. They are usually making 6 -7 figures in revenue and are serious about investing in their personal and professional development.

*If you’re not sure if they fit the criteria, no worries. Still make the introduction and if we’re not a good fit, we will send them free resources.

What happens after the Introduction?

I will take it from there and start a discussion with your friend to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

If they are not quite ready to grab a call with us, we can send them some training and material so they can get to know us a little better before we chat.

I will keep you posted on the progress they make for 30 days after you’ve made the introduction.

How to refer a friend?


1. Send a friend the Avoidance to Action sign-up link. You are welcome to use the email template below or formulate something that is authentic to you. 

2. Fill out the referral form – this way we know to thank you for sharing the program! 

3. Make a quick introduction by emailing the business owner and CC You are welcome to use the email template below or formulate something that is authentic to you. 

4. I will take the conversation from there and start a discussion! It’s important that we are an excellent fit. 

5. If your friend decides to join and is in the program, you will receive an $800 referral fee! 

You can see some of her past client experiences here. (

I’ll let you and Grace take it from here. 

grace brodeur confidently smiling wearing a black tank top

Terms & Conditions

  • Referrals must be introduced directly to Grace for a referral fee to be paid out.
  • We will pay out the fee as soon as we have received funds from the referral.
  • Referrals have 45 days to join the program (from the date of introduction) for the referral fee to be paid.
  • If the referral is already a prospect, then no referral fee will be paid. I will let you know as soon as possible if we are already speaking with the referral.


We appreciate your help in impacting other entrepreneur’s lives around the globe! 


Email Template:

Hey [Name], 

I want to introduce you to Grace Brodeur (a coach I am currently working with). 

Grace helps entrepreneurs overcome the habit of procrastination to save them time. 

[Add anything you would like to share about your experience]

It’s well worth a look and speaking to Grace to find out more. 

Tackle projects with more ease and faster execution

Hey there, I’m Grace! I help ambitious and driven creatives who possess untapped potential to overcome procrastination.

Considering what you have already achieved despite your procrastination tendencies, imagine the boundless possibilities once you break free from this habit and develop the skill of self-accountability.

Through a process and outcome-driven coaching approach (crafted by a former engineer turned psychology enthusiast who conquered procrastination), I provide you with the knowledge, support, and tools necessary to elevate your productivity and boost your confidence.

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